Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good News and Bad News

Good evening! Well bug and I had quite the adventure last night. Shortly past midnight she began to experience severe vaginal bleeding! We both freaked out thinking she was miscarrying and I took her and her mother to the E.R. We got in quickly, thankfully. The doctor checked her cervix and found that it wasn't dilated so her body was not going into labor to abort the baby. But they took her back for an ultrasound. I sat and waited for her of the most agonizing hour of my life. I sat alone, fearing the worst. It was a very emotional for me. Then finally she came out. They saw the baby and it was doing just fine. It was jumping around and its heartbeat was normal. It turns out she has a blood clot in her uterus that is working itself out. Its not dangerous to the baby so we are extremely relieved.

On the bright side we learned the sex of the baby! I am pleased to announce that bug and I will be having a son! A little boy! I am thoroughly excited about that! I get to do all the fun daddy activities with him I planned. We are struggling to find a suitable name for him, for I am really picky about boy names.

However, bug is barred from sex for 2 weeks once the bleeding does stop (figures a week after I recover, huh?). So this puts quite a damper on our BDSM activities. Maybe I'll make her be creative about pleasing me, once she is recovered of course :P I am going t continue posting, but less about our experiences and more about Dom/sub philosophy and styles. I am really encouraged to see new followers and I am glad someone finds what I have to say useful! Thanks alot!


  1. We had a scare like that with our youngest son and it was absolutely terrifying.
    Glad to hear you are all okay and congratulations on the boy! We have 2 and they are a handful and then some. But I wouldn't trade them for the world!

  2. It was the most terrifying feeling in the world. Luckily she is ok this week, no bleeding or anything.

  3. Congratulations! Awwwwwwww mouse is jealous. Good luck Sir to you and your bug!