Bugs Rules

Rules for Bug

These are the rules set forth to be followed at all times by my submissive Bug. The list is subject to change at a moments notice and will grow and evolve as our relationship does. Bug is required to study the rules and learn them well, just as Master (Sir) is required to know and enforce them. Most of them have come from other blogs I have read, as well as writing a few of my own.
1) i submit to the will of my Master and i am bound to Him. i accept His authority over me for my purpose is to serve, obey and please my Master. i will work hard to give my Master control and turn my will over to Him. i know this is my duty and i desire to serve and please Him by doing so.

2) i will always show respect for my Master. i will find ways to serve Him and demonstrate my worth. The opportunity to please my Master is very important to me and i will seek out ways to do so. i am allowed no secrets from my Master and i will work hard to welcome this openness of body, mind and soul.

3) If i displease my Master i desire that He inform me so that i can correct my actions. There can be no greater pain or suffering i can feel than when my Master is not pleased with me. i will accept the guidance i need to be put back on track, so that i will be forgiven and once again be pleasing to Him.

4) When i am not in the presence of my Master and i have choices to make, i will decide them to the best of my abilities and within the boundaries and guidance He has established for me. i will try hard to balance the needs of my children with those of my Master. i will find ways to maintain our dynamic without affecting the upbringing of our children, under His guidance.

5) Communication with my Master is one of the most important aspects of my development. i will not hesitate when responding to my Master. i am responsible for all words that i speak and i will always listen with a strong interest to whatever my Master has to say. i will not swear or use bad language, disrespectful words or negative tones of voice. I will take all orders and requests seriously. I am to address him as “Sir” whenever possible.

6) i will willingly discuss any issues i have that limit my trust, with my Master. Any feeling of anger, fear or other counter-productive emotion will be expressed to my Master in order that He may find a way to correct these feelings. It is my duty to do so.

7) When we are alone i must ask my Master permission to leave His presence for any reason and i will ask my Master for permission to satisfy whatever need i have before acting on it. This includes getting food or drink, going to the toilet, getting a tissue, etc. In the presence of our children i should not ask permission, but instead should inform my Master of what i plan to do; for example: "i'm just going to get a drink, would You like anything?", thus giving my Master the opportunity to reply "actually could you do this first.....?" Requests must be both specific and detailed.

8) i may request a 'free talk time' at any time if i feel there is an important need for one. Such requests will usually be granted, although not necessarily straight away.
9) i must always wear sexy clothing of good taste around my Master unless given permission to do otherwise. i am relieved of this requirement whilst my body is recovering from giving birth, but my clothes should be pleasing and attractive to my Master whenever possible. i will gladly accept whatever clothes my Master chooses for me to wear each day.

10) i am to always be naked in bed, except for the first few weeks after giving birth when i am permitted to wear supportive underwear and a T-shirt. i will be allowed to wear a dressing-gown should i need to visit the children in the night

11) Nothing about my body is to be hidden from Him, including toilet functions. i must ensure He has an unrestricted view of my actions.

12) i am responsible for the laundry, ironing and tidying in the house, as well as any additional chores which arise. The cooking will be shared between me and my Master, with Him deciding which days He wishes to cook on. my Master will take care of the gardening, car maintenance and DIY tasks, although i may be required to help Him with these.

13) If i am unable to complete my chores for any reason, such as illness or other circumstances, i must explain this to my Master. i must be sure not to over-exert myself in trying to cope with the household chores as well as bringing up our children: in such situations our children always come first and the chores can wait

14) i must start getting ready for bed when instructed. i am then to present myself naked, kneeling by the side of the bed and request permission to get in. my Master may require to inspect me before granting this permission. On getting into bed i must first offer my Master my ass for my butt-plug to be inserted (once my body has recovered from giving birth). The first thing i should say to my Master every morning, and the last thing i should say to Him every night, is "i am Yours, Sir".

15) i must endeavor to offer my Master a blow-job once every day, at whatever time is convenient to us both; my Master may accept or decline my offer

16) When we are alone i must always sit on the floor or on my cushion next to my Master's chair. If instructed, I may sit on the couch, or other furniture. But at Master’s discretion.

17) my entire sexual being now belongs to my Master. i am a sexual and sensual being and my body is to be available for my Master's use at all times. It is my Master's choice as to how to my body will be used to please Him and i fully acknowledge that i no longer have ownership of my sexual being. i will never touch my breasts, nipples, pussy or clit with my hands or sex toys in any manner where i could experience sexual or sensual pleasure without permission from my Master. Doing so will also lead to a punishment. Breastfeeding is exempt from this rule.

18) my mouth, pussy and ass will be used as my Master wishes for His pleasure. i will work hard to provide complete pleasure for my Master. When my Master's cock is put into my mouth and i am directed to suck it, i will do so as long as i am required to. my hands shall be placed behind my back so that during the sucking i can use my whole body to display my hunger to my Master, unless i am instructed to use my hands as well as my mouth on His cock. i will not restrict my Master's view of me. my Master's cum must never go to waste
19) i will not hesitate in my obedience to my Master and will respond quickly to all orders given. When told to perform a duty for my Master i will do so without delay or question, unless i do not understand the meaning of the order, in which case I am permitted to ask.

20) The needs of my Master must always come first before my own for they offer an opportunity to please Him. i must be attentive to the needs of my Master and always be ready to respond to them to the best of my abilities and in the way He has shown me, bearing in mind the needs of my children too.

21) i will learn my Master's preferences and habits, so i can anticipate and provide for His needs. i am to offer such services as running Him a bath, bringing Him the newspaper and massaging His feet, when i think He may require them

22) i will endure whatever discipline or punishment my Master gives me so i can become a better submissive for Him. i will thank my Master for the discipline and punishments i receive, specifying what was received and expressing the reason as to why it was given

23) i will be punished for breaking any of the rules set out here, any additional rules my Master may later impose, or for wilfully disobeying Him. i can expect punishments to be harsh and painful, but i am assured of my Master's forgiveness as soon as i have endured the punishment allocated. Punishments will be saved until such a time when the children are not present.

24) i will be disciplined if my Master feels i have not done a task to the best of my ability, or for additional matters which arise outside of the rules. Discipline will not be as painful as punishment, but it will serve to remind me to try harder in future. Some forms of discipline, such as restriction of privileges, may be carried out when around the children.

25) In decisions involving the children and their upbringing, i have an equal say with my Master. This is the only area in which i am afforded an equal voice, all other aspects of my life remain under His control. We will endeavor to provide good role models for our children in the way we relate to each other in their presence.

26) i will find ways in which to incorporate our dynamic in subtle ways into our everyday life, with the children present. my Master accepts that it will be difficult for me to maintain a balance between my roles of mother and slave, and will try to allocate specific times for full D/s interaction in order to make this easier for me.

27) Enthusiasm is to be given to each task assigned to me, be it sexual or not. If i am judged to be unenthusiastic about service, i may be warned/disciplined. Complaining about tasks will not be tolerated.

28) In public i am to hold Master’s hand or arm whenever it is convenient. He is to address servers, cashiers, etc. for me. He is to handle the money in situations of exchange. i will only speak if spoken too in public.

29) The nature of our relationship is to be hidden from family members. In family situations the rules apply as they would in the presence of children (See #7)

30) If sickness/fatigue prevents me from performing a sexual task i must ask Master for an alternative. He may choose to accept, or deny this. Should i be required to perform, He will see to it that it is appropriate to my condition.
List of Punishments, etc.
In the event of Bug needing a punishment or discipline she will be warned of her offense before hand. She is expected to remember her offenses and be mindful of them. On the second serious offense she will be punished.

Discipline will be several notches below punishment in terms of pain, and serve as mere reminders. Bug will be allowed some pleasure from them, but should still take the point seriously. They are given to iterate a strong point, something Master requires and is serious about. He reserves the right to give them out to exert control when he feels it is needed, or for amusement.

Some disciplines will cross over into BDSM play, but the differences between the two will be clear. Punishments, however, will not be incorporated as they are not intended for any enjoyment.

Heavy Spanking
Loss of privileges
Swallowing cum
Humiliation play (Private)
Light* spanking
Standing in corner
Being tied up
As time goes on and more is learned the lists will grow.