Our Story

Brittany and I have been together for nearly 4 years. We started dating in High School and had been friends since 7th grade. I call her “Bug” from her early nickname, “Brittany Bug.” Now it permeates our life! Bug-related decorations, and drawings, and stuffed animals. Anyway, moving on… we fell in love and got to know each other way before starting the lifestyle. Thinking back, things were so different. We have grown up a lot and learned so much about life since then, thanks to many trying times and unexpected happenings! Our relationship had always been very vanilla until early 2011 when we began experimenting with certain aspects of BDSM in our sex life. As we did more, we learned more. So I did what I do best and began researching. That lead me to the 24/7 D/s community.

What? People do this ALL the time? I could -own- her? The idea sent my heart racing. I have always been dominant by nature. As a child I had to be the leader, I had to take the turn first. In most of our vanilla relationship I hadn’t imposed my will on her because I thought (wrongly) that she liked being independent. So, one night we got to talking and I sent her the link to several different sites and blogs. She timidly asked me what I thought about it all and I told her the truth: I loved the idea of owning her, and caring or her, and dominating her. She, much to my surprise, agreed! On May 29th, 2011 she became my submissive, 24/7.

That isn’t too long ago, yes? Well, life always seems to find a way to surprise us. For about a year in a half prior to that any sex we had was completely unprotected. I have a thing for filling her with cum ;) And she had never gotten pregnant before, despite knowing full well it could happen. We began to think that maybe one of us was infertile, seeing as though we’d done it so many times before with no luck. Well, halfway through June she was due for her period and missed it. But I was unconvinced. She had missed her period before due to stress and what not, and she had just moved into a new apartment with her mother and had just flown to Colorado for her grandmothers funeral. Stress. It had to be. But when her symptoms became more and more pregnant -like she took a test and it came back positive!

We are expecting our first child on my birthday, Feb 23 :)  As her fiancé, and Dom I am so excited. We always wanted children, and finally made it happen. I blame the D/s relationship. I have, if you read her rules, 24/7 access to her sexually. And I took her everyday that week we started. Coincidentally, she was ovulating that week and it took...hehe!

We plan to get married this October, and move in together around the same time. It is a huge transition for us, between being married, pregnant, and a D/s relationship, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are committed to each other, and will make it work no matter what! So that is a little glimpse into our life and what is going on. I am sure this will be extended as more things happen, but it is a good starting back story!