Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am finding that as time goes on the D/s lifestyle is becoming easier and less foreign in bug and I's life. I feel like it is becoming familiar and accepted, as opposed to a template I am trying to adapt to an already set standard. Every week I gain new experience both in the D/s world and in life. This transition is just as busy as I thought it would be, between a new job, filling a house, planning a wedding, and training a sub...soon to add being a father to that list. But just like I tell bug, you can't grow without pushing your limits. Without some sort of plan to find limits, and push them, making progress in anything (but especially D/s) is difficult if not impossible. It is my job to guide us and make us grow and so I have began planting the seeds, making things happen as a Dom should.

I had bug begin her training again. She has recovered nicely from our scare last week and has been in an excellent mood all week (by excellent I mean horny, of course). Our ultimate goal was to train her to be able to squirt (female ejaculation). After quite a bit of research I found that most women can if they practice and train (whereas some lack the anatomy for whatever reason). So I set out with a plan, have her practice "releasing" and strengthening her PC muscle.

As I figure out more about myself I find that humiliation is highly erotic to me. So I gave bug a task, one that I most certainly would have never asked her had we never have been in a D/s relationship. I asked her to kneel down and piss herself in front of me. I said if you can release yourself there, you will have an easier time when you practice female ejaculation. So I made the necessary preparations and she did, moaning as she did. I was surprised that A.) she did it with less hesitation than I thought, and B.) that she found it erotic enough to moan, of her own accord mind you. After that I proceeded to train her ass with her butt plug training kit, making it all the way to medium without flinching. Our sex afterwards was electric! She begged for cum like a champ (And for a reason that will be in my next post). Afterwards I began fingering her, stroking her G-spot as I had learned. It became more and more intense until, much to my surprise, she squirted! It wasn't a huge gushing stream, but enough to push past my hand and wet a lot of my bed. It was clear, and slightly slick, not darker and watery like pee. She had actually managed to ejaculate.

Along with these physical things she is growing into a fine sub, just as I am becoming more confident and comfortable in my Dominance. I feel like this is a turning point in our D/s relationship, not because of the physical aspects but because the emotional side mirrors the physical changes. She is more affectionate, feminine, and willing to please than I have ever seen. I am very proud of my bug!

My question for my readers is this: Do you remember the point where D/s began to feel more natural and less foreign? What was it that made your role finally sink in (Dom or sub)? What are some of your limits that you or your partner has pushed with good results?


  1. Glad to see things are going well for you both. IT does take some time, as you are seeing, but things do begin to become more natural and fall into place.

    For me, I don't know that there was one moment when I realized that it was more natural and less foreign. I think it just happened over time with more experience and becoming more familiar with myself. It was more about figuring out who I am as a Dom, how I needed to go about things, and how my approach needed to be. It was hard for me to be a good Dom for someone until I knew more about myself. It was a learning process, but one that has been well worth the effort.


  2. Thanks DV! Your comments are always appreciated! I agree, it took a bit for me to finally figure out "what do I want from her?" and then to be ok with executing that. But it is getting alot easier and dare I say clearer in my head!

  3. I don't remember any one single moment where everything began to click. Though I do feel like they are not a one time occurrence and seem to happen over and over in different ways.
    I would say that the most successful limit pushing we have done revolves around humiliation.

  4. There's not one moment but a thousand little moments that add up to the 'aha,' and its a brilliant thing.

    With Daddy, not sure what moment made mouse realize....slavery or submission should be easy, if you're constantly struggling with it then something's just not right. That doesn't mean that they're times when Daddy would say, "I want you to do ____ from now on," and mouse would think....Whaaaaa? And think to herself....Oh great now he's taking over "X"

    But we learn to adjust to those times.


  5. lil: Thanks for your feedback, it seems like a pretty common occurance, becoming adjusted over time. I am pushing Bug's limits with humiliation as well ;)

    mouse: I agree! Truely forcing someone to serve is never a good idea. Submission/slavery should always be with consent, and in my opinion joy. But that doesn't eman I don't give bu that same feeling you get "Whaaaa?!" LOL! But she is finding that I don't steer her wrong with my requests. I find knowing your sub well helps too! Thanks for the feedback!