Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Domination Tactics?

Hello, readers! I'm back in action and fully recovered! I have alot of good news! My job is going well and I fit in great. Bug has been doing absolutely excellent in her submissive training the past 2 weeks. Our wedding is just about 85% planned and set in stone, and the house is coming along nicely. I cannot believe it is only a month away. I am so excited to get into my own place, and be my own person. It is demoralizing living at home and being still looked at like a "child." But I hear parents never really see their children as anything but just that, children!

Anyway, I have been doing alot of research and planning when it comes to my role in bug and I's D/s relationship. This lifestyle tends to be fairly one-sided when it comes to the concept of "training." Dom's need training too! Especially being so inexperienced and young, as in my case. We just have to teach ourselves, a skill that I luckily posess, and as well as have the discipline to see it through. Over the past month I have started taking a look at what -can- I do to enforce my rules? To make her feel controled? To guide her? Literally, "WHAT CAN I DO?"

And so I devised a list of daily activities, both sexual and nonsexual that I have gathered from several different sites that would reinforce the concept of ownership and control. I have been really light on bug when it comes to spankings and reprimanding her attitude, mostly because I never know if it is her talking, or the pregnancy hormones. And they make her literally a different person at times. Once we move in together I plan on stepping up her training, and expect her to step up her efforts because she will be more comfortable in "our" house than in "hers" or "mine" currently. Privacy is always an issue these days.

However, my question for all my lurkers and followers (Dom and sub alike) is this: What makes you feel most in control/controlled? What are some everyday things you do to keep the "feeling" going? Sexually? Non sexually? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Hmmm, what makes me feel most controlled...Not being able to cum without permission, hearing the word "Mine" (it has ridiculously accumulative effects). And a whole slew of other stuff that I'm sure will come to me as soon as I hit "post comment."

    Everyday things that keep the feeling going...Those random moments where He grabs me by the throat and threatens to do nasty things to me lol, sitting at His feet, having my collar on all the time, when He gives me "the look," when He lays His hand on my head or deliberately leans forward and gently kisses my forehead...

  2. Thank for your feedback lil. I will have to try a few of those, the others I already do! Haha

  3. Just found your blog from a comment you posted.
    Being reminded through out the day via text messages or other reminds me whose in control. It also makes me feel cared for and safe.
    I look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Thanks SBF! I hope you find them both entertaining and instructive! Haha or at least mildly interesting.